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Emme Jade

4/30/20243 min read

I got you.

Just out here, building a life we don’t need a holiday from.

And that I don’t need a “sick day” off because my body need extra rest that time if the month....

It’s been a wild ride on this adventure so far, but for me the best, and hardest part is the self development that comes with starting something new.

So much to learn, make space for and grow through.

And there’s nowhere to hide either.

Growth, and not just the hair...

Being seen and heard, has been beyond harder than I was expecting, and bought up more blocks than I thought I had.

But we know it’s better to move them, than be stuck with them.

And the truth is there are endless ways to build a business ~ you don’t need to be showing up the way I am, but you do need to show up ~

I have just always wanted to be sharing the things that I love, and have helped me in someway.

To share my thoughts, feelings and the way I see the world with others who maybe feel the same.

Guess that’s the thing about doing what you have always wanted, its just outside of your comfort zone.

Something my mum would say to me a while back, that keeps playing on my mind

“What are you always doing in the bathroom?”

~ I would stay at mums a few nights a week to save the commute to work, and I not-so-secretly loved mums home cooked meals and cheeky vino with Gma next door ~

Truth was, I was usually trying out some new skincare, the latest skincare hack, or making some diy scrub or mask. Scalp scrub was my favourite diy!

What I wish I was doing was more face massage, and scalp massage! I now know these two are the game changers!

But I loved it, its my form of self care.

The other thing that has been on my mind lately too, my sister who lived with me, and was always up for trying what ever wild concoction I was making.

Saying that I should start my own skincare line.

And just maybe one day I might do that.

~ I do have some pretty special recipes up my sleeve. so hit me up if your struggling with your nails, I got you! ~

There are wayyyy to many ins and outs to that, and I have too many other things I want to do in this season of life.

It was where all my other spare time was going, researching how to start a skincare business bootstrapped and from your tiny kitchen, while I was researching ways to build income online.

That’s when I rediscovered this luxe, low tox haircare brand that I had been watching from a far well before it was available in Australia.

And the bonus was, they now had skincare, and the business side of it was changing lives!

So I started researching these products, down to the last ingredients, watching those in the business, witnessing their glow up and their lives changing.

I was in.

I knew these products were something else, and they were like the ones I was making myself, but 10x better.

~ And didn’t need to kept in the fridge and include a bunch of unique ingredients, and be remade each week. One day when I have a full size kitchen I’m sure I will get back into making more things ~

But this was the perfect opportunity, and works so well alongside the course I was completing.

(If hair and skincare aren’t your jam, but building your dream life is - you can read more about that course here)

So if your haircare and skincare aren’t giving you the best hair and skin of your life ~ lets change that~

And if your ready to see what this business can do for you, I have a little something special for you to watch here.

And you’re anything like me, and need a change, ready for a lifestyle you love and that lights you up.

Lets do this.

Sending you so much love,

PS. Lets be insta friends

(That’s where I post the fun stuff)

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