The Course | That changed my life before I made a cent

Discover how this course transformed my life before making any money. Learn why it's the essential tool for creating an online business and brand aligned with your dream life.


Emme Jade

12/22/20233 min read

Why I decided to go all in...

I knew that in order to build the life we have been dreaming of, it was going to take more than both of us sweating it out in the desert (working fifo) for weeks on end.

That only started to give us financial freedom, but in no way time or location freedoms. And then there the fun times that if we get flooded in our out, or one or even both of us or the girls are unwell, we aren't at work, and therefore there's no income flowing in ~ that one just happened. There noting like and extra week off for both of us, right after Christmas thanks to a delightful 'spicy cough'...

I knew that I was going to have to shake up every limiting belief I had, and Jade makes the most beautiful guide for that.

Because anything else will be less worthwhile if I don't get my mind in the right space and start creating from there.

Jades teachings around mindset opened me up to move through any blocks I had about showing up authentically online, and within a business and rewrite my brain to allow me to receive more, before the money started flowing in.

  • To start from the very beginning, with an amazing step by step of the techy basics, to build it all in a way that is me. That then allows me to partner with who ever is I feel aligned, and build a brand that is truly and uniquely me.

In this course Jades teaching, and step buy step guides (I mean step by baby step) walk you through each important part of building a website, emails and all the little bits behind the scenes to build a website and brand that is aligned for you, and will truly give you the freedom to choose.

  • Choose in any way that is aligned for you.

And everything I have learnt can be transferred to any business and affiliate alignment I choose, now or in the future.

Even before I made a single cent, the things I have learnt, particularly around mindset, have had a profound impact on my life. Think, pay rises, moving interstate with my love, a new job and courses for work paid for....

  • These are all things that felt so far away or impossible. But happened with relative ease once I opened myself up to building a better life.

~ Her guidance helped me overcome blocks and rewire my brain to be receptive to abundance ~

Starting from the very beginning, the course provided a comprehensive, step-by-step approach that covered the technical basics while teaching me me to infuse my unique identity into my brand. As a result, I have the freedom to build a brand that truly reflects who I am.

This course ensured that every aspect of building a website, managing emails, and all the behind-the-scenes elements were covered, empowering me to create a brand and website that can truly build the life we want.

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